About Us

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ToastTech is a Los Angeles, California based company. We’re passionate about helping independent businesses because we’ve witnessed their transformative powers in shaping and building our communities. Our mission is to provide the best customer-first experience for our clients. We have a genuine excitement in seeing our clients succeed, this is demonstrated by putting the proper time and effort into getting to know them as individuals and understanding their unique business needs.

Our mantra is to “leave the earth better than we found it” and ToastTech’s services are our contribution.

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Norman is a California native that started his career in corporate financial planning and analysis. From there his passion for helping independent businesses led him to several businesses where he led transformative efforts to rebuild and streamline their financial and operational efforts. This includes managing and operating multiple roles in finance and accounting to building and training operational teams. Norman attended University of California San Diego, where he majored in Management Science and is most known for his love of the majestic pug and basketball.


Shantal was born and raised in California and grew up watching his parents run a number of restaurants and other various small businesses. He spent the majority of his career helping individuals achieve their financial goals in corporate banking under Citibank, Prudential, & Merrill Lynch. During his time in banking, he learned how to properly manage risk, operationalize processes, & build deep meaningful relationships. Shantal attended California State University of Fullerton, where he majored in Business-Finance and is known for his love of snorkeling and underwater photography.